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The Band

Alice Galloway (vocals) Although born and raised in the Merrimack Valley, Alice started singing professionally straight out of college in Florida, singing everything from Top 40 to heavy metal. And since it was the late 1970's and early 1980's, she owned every color spandex pants under the sun! When she couldn't stand the heat of the South anymore, she moved back to her hometown of Methuen, got a "real job", raised two kids and put singing & playing on the back burner, until one day she woke up, realized she was over the hill, had an identity crisis and started singing the blues.


Alan Beaulieu (drums) hails from Boston's North Shore and began banging on drums (and anything else handy) at the age of 5. Trained as a jazz drummer, Alan played with various jazz bands through high school and college, but has in recent years gravitated to the Blues. In the true spirit of "a little knowledge is a dangerous thing", Alan's smattering of piano and saxophone lessons over the years causes him to think he can write songs, arrange horn charts, and generally tell other musicians what to do. To their credit, Alan's bandmates are wise enough to listen, nod their heads, and then do whatever the hell they want to do.


Aaron Pawalek (guitar) studied classical flute as a young person but couldn't resist the allure of rock music and the electric guitar. He enjoyed a lengthy run in the Boston underground scene as lead guitarist and songwriter for the bands Hybrid Minds and Violet Tide. He's psyched to have found a group of like-minded musicians in the Merrimack Valley who cover such a wide variety of material in such a cool way!


Bill Lippman (keyboards) started playing organ as an 11 year old and over the ensuing decades has established a reputation as "the administrative assistant of the Hammond B-3."  Playing more portable boards these days, Bill loves all kinds of music as long as it has integrity.  He has always lived in the Boston area except for 4 years at Bard College, and is a software test engineer during the day.


Chris Schena (bass) was raised in Everett, Massachusetts and recently returned to playing music after a long hiatus to the banal side of life. When she's not jamming with the band, Chris unleashes a variety of alter egos including graphic designer, writer, and baker of the world's most perfect biscotti.

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